Hello World! Bookwormmum arrives!

26 Mar
  • Hello World indeed!As a blogging virgin, this is IT! I hope this book-ish blog will reflect what I’m reading, and what I think of it; what I hope to read; bookish thoughts and articles of interest; and – possibly – a bit of life thrown in.This blog is likely to be random, occasional and amateur; I’m finding my feet so please bear with me!

    I am a self-confessed book addict. I almost always ‘would rather be reading’ and feel jittery when I’m without a book, either in my handbag or a pile of them waiting to be read by my side.

    Having said that, I have two young children and a husband (!) to keep me busy and find the piles of books waiting to be read grow ever larger and threaten to topple over.

    I own more books than I’ll ever read; my bookcases reflect more of what I’d like to read than have actually read.

    Books furnish a room; you can never have too many of them (well…)

    I’m a mum of two, husband of one and only child. I’m in my early thirties (if 33 still counts as ‘early’) and live in my adopted home of the North East of England. I am a reluctant housewife but enthusiastic mother. I have a background (and degrees in) theology and have worked in bookshops, libraries, university administration and community development.

    I love tea, reading and music – a combination of the three is the best!

    So, as I look forward to my evening cup of tea and a good read, let the blogging begin!

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