Meet Morrigan Crow, a ‘wundrous’ girl

18 Oct

Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend (ISBN 9781510104112 hardback)


This is simply the most fun, exciting and magical read since we first met a boy called Potter.
It is a story which is both dark and hopeful, magical and relatable. It’s one of my favourite books of the whole year.
It’s a story of rejection and acceptance, of loss and belonging, of losing and finding, of wunder and wonders.
Like the abandoned boy who slept under the stairs, this new heroine is a ‘cursed child’ who lives under a shadow of blame, rejection and limitation. Morrigan Crow is doomed to die at midnight on her eleventh birthday (a downer for anyone). But during her final dinner with her lukewarm family, the exciting, ebullient and rather mysterious figure of Captain Jupiter North bursts into her life.
Then bursts her out into the ‘wundrous’ world of Nevermoor. Here she begins to find her place in Jupiter’s hotel, the Deucalion (think Hogwarts but with better facilities), while entering the titular trials to see whether she is worthy to enter the Wundrous Society, a prestigious order of society’s finest.

This is a story of dragon-riders and self-growing chandeliers; of giant arachnids and blood-thirsty hounds; a giant ‘Magnifi-cat’ and a truly menacing villain.
Jessica Townsend has created a glorious new world; scenes are filmic in their scope and description, there is so much potential for development of the world and people of Nevermoor.

So, grab your umbrella, step boldly, and join ‘the mad ginger and the strange little girl with black eyes’ as they venture into Nevermoor.
It’s truly ‘wundrous’!


(thanks to Hatchette for the proof. Review also on I will enthusiastically thrust it into your hands at Waterstones, Finchley Road O2, NW3)

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