Review: A Book of Book Lists

23 Nov

I am a bibliophile, a book addict, a book hoarder. And because of this I love books about books. It seems that I am not alone!

This quirky little book published by the British Library is, as the title suggests, a book packed with lists of books.


Alex Johnson has managed to select a fascinating, entertaining and enlightening series of lists of books from all manner of people, situations and contexts. It is not a series of lists of books you should read (although your TBR pile will exponentially increase as you dip into this) but it is a testament to Western civilisation’s love affair with the printed word. These lists reflect what has been loved between the covers, shows a little of why we love them, and reassures us that we will continue to love well into the future.

A range of the lists includes – picked almost at random – books on the Big Bang Theory bookcase, books used as decoration in IKEA stores, the most unread books, Marilyn Monroe’s personal library (or at least the plays in it which were auctioned in 1999), books on the International Space Station (apparently astronauts can take up to ten books; there are also lots of children’s books there, available to read for video broadcasts) and the books of Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs.

It also gets a bit meta-textual with the last entry being ‘Bibliomemoir: A List of Book-List Books’.

The lists feature some context and comment -it’s not just a list of lists – but it’s definitely a book to dip into. Keep it on the bedside table or in the smallest room in the house.

Now that ‘s an idea for a list: Books in the Throne Room…!


With thanks to The British Library for the proof; I loved it!

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