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Something a little different to celebrate Christmas; a poem I wrote for a writers’ group.

Hopes and Fears

I sit and ponder;
the glorious celestial glow fades.

What could he mean?

A baby while betrothed?
Called the Son of the Most High
before he’s even mine.

The promise of a child –
one who could destroy me
but save the world.

The hopes and fears of all the years
collide in my womb.

Emmanuel indeed.

* * *
From the poverty of hope
to the hollow greed of consumerism.
Our hopes are for frivolity,
our fears for the bank balance.

* * *

I race and spend;
the artificial neon sparkle cuts out.

What does this mean?

A festival of shops? Unwanted presents for all?
Desperately stocking up, no matter the cost.

The promise of tension, stress, midnight wrapping –
a season which could tear us apart.

And after two thousand years,
what can alter our fears?

The promise of Emmanuel.


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On not reading enough

It’s December, Advent, time for preparing…

Very little time for reading.

I had hoped December would see me reading Dickens; ending his centenary year with one of his major novels.


Instead I’ve been writing lists, shopping, wrapping, hiding, baking, making cards, posting….

Now the dust is starting to settle, I realise most of the month’s gone by with precious little reading and only a few days left to squeeze another book in.

I miss it.

I long for the time to luxuriate in the thrill, adventure and anticipation of a new book; the chance to travel through time, space, others’ heads from my living room. With a cup of tea as my trusty companion.

The less I read, the more I want to.

And so, time to log off, get into my warm pyjamas, and delve into some Dickens.

But where to start….?

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