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On Anticipation

My ambitious pile of reading for March's Nordic Noir theme.

My ambitious pile of reading for March’s Nordic Noir theme.

Too many books?!
This pile represents my bookshelf gleanings for March’s ‘Nordic Noir’ theme. Yes, I know the month’s almost finished, but I wanted to record my ambitious hopes for the month’s reading before the moment had passed. My Kindle’s poised on the top as I have almost ten other appropriate books on it.

A few of these titles are from our local library; some recommended by an enthusiastic librarian, others just leapt off the shelves at me. Those that I own are likely to be joining the ever-increasing pile of books awaiting their new home in Barter Books; just need to read them first.

I haven’t read much of this pile, and am aware that we’re in the last week of the month, but I am enjoying having about five of them currently on the go. Once I log off, I’m off to my reading group to discuss ‘The 100-Year-Old Man Who Jumped Out of the Window and Disappeared’; not quite Nordic Noir but set in the right geographical area with a crime driving the plot. Admittedly (and rather shamefully) I’m only about half way through it and haven’t warmed to the central centenarian ‘hero’. I shall persevere with this ‘Forrest Gump’ style novel. It’s quirky, unusual and has been getting rave reviews. Let’s see how tonight’s discussion progresses.

More musings on my foray into ‘Nordic Noir’ at the end of the month; as long as I can find some more time to get stuck into this pile…


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2012: My Reading Experiment

I admit it: I used to be a book snob. But since having children, I read whenever, wherever and whatever I can. I’ll give almost anything a go. However, I rarely read the same thing consecutively; so, for example, if I read a medieval murder mystery, next I’ll read a contemporary literary novel.

However, this year, I decided to challenge myself and choose a monthly theme to shape my reading. As I’m now a quarter or so through the year, I have to confess, I’ve not kept strictly to my themes but it has given me a chance to dust down some unread books from my shelves.

My themes, broadly speaking, are:

January: light/female/romance (decided on this by accident)

February: male/historical/adventure

March: non-fiction

April: historical fiction

May: classic detective fiction (1930s-40s)

June: unread classics

July: science fiction

August: ‘another country’

September: school/university setting

October: Stephen King

November: ghost stories

December: Dickens (of course!)

So far, I’m reading about 3 books a month within the plan, although March’s forray into non-fiction is almost a failure. I have so many non-fiction books to be read on my shelves, I rarely read them; fiction is too much of a thrilling, plot driven addiction. Perhaps I love the anticipation of what to read more than settling down to the act of reading.

There’s nothing quite like the anticipation of ‘new’ books to read…

Anyone else tried a reading experiment? Did it last? What would you read within the themes? Are there any other themes I could try next year?

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My reading space.
Tea, an assortment of books, hi-fi remote control, a notebook: bliss.

Where I Read (usually)


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